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​Impeccable design and superior craftsmanship have been the hallmarks of Maple Hurst Builders endeavors since its inception in 1988. Although no longer involved its initial charter, the construction of hand-built timber-frame homes, Maple Hurst Builders remains committed to traditional carpentry methods and the incorporation of fine architectural woodwork in all of its residential developments.


Specializing in the redevelopment of under-utilized urban properties, Maple Hurst Builders has earned particular acclaim for the development, design and construction of in-fill projects that enhance their respective Boston neighborhoods by artfully blending classic architecture with contemporary details. Each residence crafted by Maple Hurst Builders is distinctive, featuring amenities and workmanship typically reserved for custom-built homes.

Respect for the environment has always been an integral element of the design and construction of every project. Green building and sustainable construction are not merely marketing terms at Maple Hurst Builders. Resource and energy conservation, judicious use of materials and permanence of the structure are paramount. Maple Hurst Builders always strives to deliver properties of unsurpassed value and enduring beauty.

Whether as a Developer at Risk, Construction Manager, or General Contractor, Maple Hurst Builders offers its clients a full spectrum of services for residential and mixed-use projects:




  • Site selection and acquisition strategy

  • Feasibility and zoning analysis

  • Project financing and due diligence

  • Assembly of design, consultant, and marketing teams

  • Site layout, building optimization, and value engineering

  • Coordination of public approvals and expediting of permits

  • Energy-efficient design, certification, and tax credit advisory

  • Expertise in cluster housing and transit-oriented development

  • Proficiency in a variety of building styles, both new construction and renovation

  • Uncompromising attention to client service throughout the project lifecycle

Maple Hurst Builders demonstrated ability to contend with complex site conditions and capitalize on challenges to refine project design has consistently enabled its developments to set new benchmarks in their respective market niches, typically exceeding the expectation of the community, city officials and project investors.



Chris DeSisto

Cornell University
BS Electrical Engineering

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